Manners and Civility in Practice: A Lecture by Amy Olberding | Monday, Sept. 23 from 4-6pm | The Gibson Room

Amy Olberding will be at UVA on September 23 to speak about her new book, The Wrong of Rudeness. Lecture abstract: What does it mean to be civil or well-mannered?  The early Confucians suggest that it involves both patterns of conduct and patterns of mind.  The account the Confucians offer is different from the usual accounts of civility we most often hear, suggesting a far more robust connection between civility and personal well being and thriving social relations.  This talk will canvass those parts of Confucian ethics most promising in our own age, looking at what it might mean to cultivate more robust forms of civility, both what we would need to do and how this would influence how we think.