The Square | Episode 002 | Dr. Shaun Casey

Shaun Casey has shuttled easily between the worlds of God and Mammon. He can readily converse with church leaders, academics, and politicians; he spent four years establishing religion at the heart of American diplomacy in the Obama State Department. He’s now director of The Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs at Georgetown University, as well as one of our senior fellows here at Religion and Its Publics.

In this episode of The Square, he says the demand for a deep understanding of public religion has never been stronger, and takes aim both at academics who exile themselves from public discourse as well as those who would use religion for political purposes.

The Square | Episode 001 | Dr. Luke Bretherton

Welcome to our podcast, The Square, from Religion and Its Publics. In this first episode, hear Professor of Theological Ethics, Luke Bretherton, tell Jane Little why the election of Donald Trump one year ago was theodicy in action, how he made the decision against entering UK politics, and what role religion has in forging a new kind of democratic citizenship.