• Religious Maturity by Charles Mathewes October 1, 2019 A good small Sunday sermon for you can be found in this nice piece. Complexity, maturity, reality. In an ideal situation, they do emerge, at least loosely associated with one another. And this piece makes a nice case that it is true in religion as well: “I’m talking about people like me, who ditched our childhood faiths in ... Read more »
  • The Climate Emergency and the Rhetoric of Protest by Paul Dafydd Jones September 20, 2019 Writing in The Guardian, Eric Beinhocker offers a stirring commentary on the current global climate strike, which is led by Greta Thunberg and thousands of other young people across the world. His basic point: it’s not that the kids are alright; it’s that the kids are morally right. The climate emergency is not a technical challenge ... Read more »
  • Focus on the Message: How the Religious Left Can Reclaim the Public Square by L. Benjamin Rolsky September 20, 2019 The Religious Left has returned! And just in the nick of time, too. The country was on the brink of being remembered forever as the place that protected its borders by separating families and caging children. But the Religious Left has re-emerged to rescue a broken nation from itself. Or at least that is one popular ... Read more »
  • We Are the Times – A New Blog by Charles Mathewes September 17, 2019 Charles Mathewes, co-director of the Religion and Its Publics project, has recently started a blog entitled “We Are the Times,” offering running commentary on news stories, think pieces, and books related to religion, politics, and culture. Below is one of his recent pieces. Moving forward, in partnership with “We Are the Times,” we will regularly ... Read more »
  • Evan Sandsmark on the European Refugee Crisis for the Sacred & Profane Podcast August 27, 2019 Religion and Its Publics’ own Evan Sandsmark recently reported a story for Sacred & Profane, a new podcast produced by the Religion, Race, and Democracy Lab at the University of Virginia. This episode explores the “problem of democracy” through the story of an Iraqi refugee seeking asylum in Austria. Click here to listen to the full ... Read more »
  • Witch Talk in Brexit Britain by Méadhbh McIvor August 12, 2019 It will come as no surprise to hear that the British press – and the people they serve – are divided. Of course, British newspapers have always been partisan; whether one buys the Mirror or the Mail says a lot about one’s political leanings and probable voting intentions. But rarely have these divides been more apparent ... Read more »