Interview with Leah Daughtry

Leah Daughtry, influential Democratic operative and Pentecostal pastor, visited our project at UVA on December 6th to speak about the relationship of religion and politics. She also sat down with the project co-director, Charles Mathewes, to talk about recapturing religion from the religious right, how to engage the “nones,” and why she got involved in politics in the first place.

Interview with Michael Banner

The Reverend Dr. Michael Banner is a well-known ethicist in the UK and Dean of Trinity College, Cambridge. He recently visited us to deliver two lectures on bio-ethics.

Our Co-Director, Charles Mathewes, sat down with him to talk about his extensive public work, which has included advising government on some of the toughest moral questions, from lethal weapons to the use of human tissue.

Faith in the Struggle: A Panel on Christianity and White Supremacy in Charlottesville


On Wednesday, October 4th, activists, faith leaders, and professors from the Charlottesville, Virginia gathered to speak about Christianity and white supremacy in the aftermath of the violence on August 11 and 12th, 2017.

Featuring: Rev. Seth Wispelwey, Dr. Wes Bellamy, Rev. Brenda Brown-Grooms, Dr. Larycia Hawkins, Dr. Jalane Schmidt

Moderated by: Dr. John Edwin Mason

Interview with Dr. Philip Gorski

Philip Gorski, author of the new book, American Covenant: A History of Civil Religion from the Puritans to the Present (Princeton University Press) joined us for a lively and topical discussion. Gorski, Professor of Sociology and Religious Studies at Yale, also sat down with our Associate Director, Jane Little, to tell her why today, more than ever, we need to avoid both religious nationalism and radical secularism – and find what he calls a vital center.