Senior Fellows Meet for Summer Seminar

Manners and Civility in Practice: A Lecture by Amy Olberding | Monday, Sept. 23 from 4-6pm | The Gibson Room test Christianity and Oil: A Roundtable with Darren Dochuk | Tuesday, April 2nd at 3:30pm | Hotel A test Rwandan Genocide Anniversary Brown Bag Lunch: Recap test David Clough Lecture | Wednesday, Feb. 6th at 4pm | Hotel A on UVA Grounds test Leah Daughtry Lecture | Thursday, Dec. 6 at 4pm | Hotel A on UVA Grounds test Russell Moore Lecture | Thursday, Nov. 8 at 5pm | Newcomb Ballroom test Christianity and the Alt-Right: Exploring the Relationship | Oct. 22 | Berkley Center test Luke Bretherton Workshops Current Manuscript with Religion and Its Publics test Faith in the Struggle: Christianity & White Supremacy St. Paul's Memorial Churchtest Jennifer Herdt Visits Religion and Its Publics to Discuss Current Book Project test Senior Fellows Meet for Summer Seminar University of Virginia, Charlottesvilletest Senior Fellows Meet in Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C.test Q&A with William Antholis Nau 342test Dr Peter Kaufman – Augustine and Agamben Wilson 133test Dr Paul Griffiths – Christian Flesh Nau 441test Dr Philip Gorski – American Covenant Nau 441test Dr Wendy Doniger – The Subversion of Dharma Nau Hall, 342test Dr Stanley Hauerwas – Character and the Good Life Nau Hall 342test Rev Dr Sarah Coakley – Personal Background Nau Hall 342test Dr Elizabeth Bucar – Pious Fashion Nau Halltest